Introduction to the role and use of dust-proof laser level
 Jul 14, 2021|View:33825
What is the purpose of dust-proof laser level? How should I use dust-proof laser level?

Five functions of dust-proof laser level.

1, dust-proof laser level can measure whether the plane is uneven or hanging pictures, etc.

2, the output laser vertical surface and horizontal point.

3, dust-proof laser level has a horizontal bead on the level, can measure whether the horizontal surface is horizontal.

4、dust-proof laser level has led beads on it, even at night, you can see the level beads clearly.

5、dust-proof laser level can add magnet adsorption function is more practical and convenient.

dust-proof laser level is a kind of intelligent display device. dust-proof laser level can be installed on moving objects, collecting horizon signals, displaying horizon in a larger field of view, and showing the movement of objects in real time. dust-proof laser level can be used in aircraft, for example It is used in aircraft and is important to prevent space orientation obstacles.

line laser level

Dust-proof laser level is used in the following ways.

1, open the laser level meter toolbox, take out the mainframe and three No. 5 batteries. Take out the mainframe is to be sure to take lightly, to prevent damage to the precision of dust-proof laser level.

2, generally do not use the projector will be taken out of the battery, so open the battery cover, and then the order into the three 5 batteries, and then cover the battery cover.

3、Put the line projector to the position we want to put, ready for laser line projection.

4, adjust the nuts on the three support feet below the cast line meter for three-dimensional level adjustment.

5, after the three support feet on the nut clockwise or counterclockwise some adjustment, cast line meter above the level of the meter completely level, at this time is off the power state. In order to use, you need to turn the knob clockwise to point to the ON state. Line of sight back to the control panel, find the V button (vertical), and finger lightly press the pattern, then display a vertical laser line.

In the same way: return to the control panel, find the H button (horizontal), and gently press the pattern with your finger to display a horizontal laser line. If we press the V button again when there is already a horizontal laser line, we will find that a vertical laser line appears at the same time. This creates a crosshair. The two lines are vertical. We now press the sun logo button (outdoor), then we find that the laser intensity has become brighter. This button indicates the outdoor mode.

dust-proof laser level

The normal working state of the laser line projector are.

1. brightness human eye clearly identify

2. In general, the line projector has a laser enhancement point.

After use, be sure to remove the battery, long-term with battery standby does not work, will affect the accuracy of the host. Put to the correct position of the protective case.

The above is the role of dust-proof laser level and the use of the method of introduction, but also need to pay attention to the entire process of operation to lightly hold and lightly put. In the process of using the laser line projector may need to wear goggles to prevent the possibility of laser damage to the eyes. The human eye can be exposed to laser light for a long time can cause damage to the human eye.